It’s not just about numbers; it’s also about your mind.

This module covers how feelings like fear and greed can influence decisions in trading.


Prerequisites : Basic understanding of financial markets.

mindset of a trader

Mindset of a Successful & Profitable Trader

Unveil the psychology behind successful trading with an in-depth look into the trader’s mindset and how it shapes financial decision-making.

trading psychology

Importance of Trading Psychology

Dive into the fascinating world of trading psychology, where emotions, biases, and discipline play a pivotal role in shaping the outcomes of financial trades.

loss aversion in trading

Loss Aversion Bias in Trading

Explore the phenomenon of loss aversion in trading, where the fear of losing can significantly impact decision-making and trading outcomes in financial markets.

endowment effect in trading

Endowment Effect in Trading

Endowment effect’s influence on trading, traders assign higher value to assets they own, shedding light on the psychological factors shaping decisions.

status quo bias in trading

Status Quo Bias in Trading Decisions

Delve into the impact of status quo bias on trading, how traders tend to favor familiar positions over change, shaping their decisions in financial markets.

anchoring effect in trading

Anchoring Effect in Trading

Explore the anchoring effect in trading, where initial price references can bias traders’ decisions, influencing their strategies in financial markets.

confirmation bias in trading

Confirmation Bias in Trading

 Confirmation bias in trading, where traders seek and interpret information that reinforces existing beliefs, potentially leading to biased decisions


How Genes Linked to Emotions in Trading

Uncover the impact of emotions in trading, as fear, greed, and anxiety influence decision-making and market outcomes.

emotions in trading

Controlling Emotions in Trading

Master the art of controlling emotions in trading, learning how to stay calm under pressure and make rational decisions to achieve success in financial markets.

trading journal

Importance of Having a Trading Journal

Enhance your trading skills with a trading journal, a powerful tool to track, analyze, and optimize your trading strategies and performance in the financial markets.