Hello there! I go by the name Rataash, I like machine-learning and financial markets.


My aim with xlearn is to demonstrate the incredible potential of the online world, showcasing that you can acquire knowledge right from your home with a computer and the internet.


My vision for this website is to make it accessible to everyone. My ultimate goal is to share the knowledge I have accumulated over the years with humanity, allowing anyone to benefit from it.


While I initially focus on finance, I plan to expand the content in the future to include topics such as AI and Automation Techniques.


This website will serve as a compilation of information from various reliable sources and will also incorporate my own inspirations.


One of the sources for this site is Mohsen Hassan. He is a trader and a Wonderful Teacher.


This website is technically powered by ChatGPT & some other LLMs. Thanks to the developers.




xlearn is owned by RaTFox

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