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If you are not familiar with financial markets or trading and want to start from the beginning, start with the financial markets intro and follow each module.


Financial Markets

A primer on financial markets, encompassing orders, pricing mechanisms, involved parties, various assets, and fundamental concepts of trading.

Technical Analysis

Gain comprehension of “technical analysis,” encompassing candlestick patterns, price interpretation, analytical tools, and pattern analysis techniques.

Risk Management

Understand the level of risk associated with your entry into financial markets, along with expectancy, effective money management, crucial metrics and ratios, and the determination of position sizes.

Fundamental Analysis

Acquire knowledge about fundamental analysis, including financial statements, significant reports and events, vital ratios, the distinction between current and expected factors, and various other pivotal concepts, and understand their practical application.

Trading Psychology

Educate yourself on trading psychology, the required mindset for trading, the human biases that impact trading decisions, and effective strategies for overcoming these biases.

Building Strategies

Discover the process of developing and executing a trading strategy, as well as aspects like market sentiment, various types of strategies, market hypotheses, liquidity, crafting a trading plan, and numerous other essential concepts.

Algorithmic Trading

Embark on a journey into the realm of algorithmic trading systems through our specialized module. Explore the intricacies of building robust trading systems, from conceptualization to implementation. 

Trading Strategies

Explore advanced trading strategies and techniques. Delve into the world of quantitative strategies, leveraging data-driven insights for smarter trading decisions. Elevate your trading game with cutting-edge approaches and unlock new possibilities in the financial markets.


Discover the fundamentals of starting your investment journey, exploring diverse investment options, constructing portfolios, managing asset allocation, embracing diversification, and grasping various critical concepts in the world of investing.